Looking great at any size comes down to two things which are body toning and being confident.  This interesting black and white retouched photograph includes a curvy Marilyn Monroe alongside a slender supermodel. The photo shows clearly that all figures and body shapes can look fabulous in swimwear. 

Natural curves are definitely in style for summer and even if you are somewhat overweight you can look healthy and gorgeous in your plus swimsuit.  Self confidence and exercising regularly to tone your body are the keys to looking great.

Get toned  and your body will look great in a swimsuit at any size

The secret to flattering your figure at any weight is by being in good athletic shape and embracing your own natural body type.  Regardless of your weight or size you should strive to work out and keep healthy.  Having a toned body can really help a heavier woman look fantastic.  The greatest exercise for toning is resistence training.  It builds up that lean muscle look and helps keep the look of cellulite at bay.  The nautilus machines at the local gym afford you a fast, easy and safe way to improve the muscle tone in your body.  Remember that when you are toned your skin drapes better and you are going to have far less flab and cellulite.  The skin just falls better on top of toned muscles.  If you are completely out of shape your skin tone is going to be more lax so be sure to promise yourself to work out regularly. 

This is a wonderful photograph because it shows this comparison of Marilyn with her Hollywood style voluptuous figure, and a more slender body type.  Her swimsuit is darling and covers down to the thighs in this classic vintage one piece style.  Along side her you see the slender supermodel, also looking fabulous in a vintage inspiration one piece swimsuit.  I love both of these beautiful looks and both figures look just incredible.  If you are self-conscious about plus sized thighs try out one of these vintage inspiration swimsuits that cover with a bodice that goes all the way down to the thighs.  The vintage look are both in style and slenderizing.

Beauty at any size

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  1. that is not a supermodel it is LANA DEL REY

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