Whatever happened to natural beauty?  This picture of Sophia Loren in a bikini from years ago shows that even though she wore gobs of makeup and false eyelashes, she oozed a sort of natural beauty that was indescribable.  

Some say that there never was natural beauty with the old Hollywood movie stars, and that the system changed the starlet’s look long before they became stars.  I disagree as surely the stars wore makeup and got surgical enhancements from chest augmentation to rhinoplasty.  They took advantage of such things. But even with the false eyelashes and cosmetic enhancement, Loren still exuded an inspiring natural beauty and confidence that was unmatched.

50% might have been makeup and photo retouching but 50% was that she was naturally confident which is beautiful in and of itself. When it comes to looking fabulous in a swimsuit, confidence is the essential element to success.  You do not even need to see her outfit as her look says it all. She just exudes an incredible confidence and allure and of course this translates into looking incredible.

Confidence in a swimsuit

Most of what makes this swimsuit photograph of Sophia Loren so fabulous is the natural confidence that she exudes.  Such self-confidence is something to strive for when it comes to that stressful time of dealing with the summer season and barely there beach clothes.  If you actually feel great about your figure in a swimsuit, that will reflect on how well you look.  Workout, life a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself so that you can wear summer time clothes with confidence.

Part of that natural beauty that comes from self confidence is having a good figure, but a big part is finding that swimsuit that you feel both confident and comfortable in.  If you’d like to take inspiration from this photograph, take her confident attitude with you.   She seems comfortable in her own skin and that is what makes her look so sexy.  I don’t have reference for this swimsuit, it may be lingerie not sure!

Feeling confident in a bikini

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