Do you have pale skin and wonder what bikini to wear for pale skin?  The experts will tell you to stick to jewel tones.  Stylists suggest deep pink, deep blue, red, emerald green, seafoam grean, and other jewel tones for fair skin.   Just like tan skin looks great with a contrast, fair skin looks great with a contrast too.  Most bikini experts don’t recommend black for fair skin, but this girl manages to pull off a cute black bikini top look in a mix match manner.

This is a tough combination when you wear a darker color bikini top and then a lighter color bottom.  If you are trying to fight fat, a darker color bottom works best.  If however, you are trying to show off a slender bottom, then going light can be very hot.  That is the situation here.  She’s showing off a slim body with the lighter color paisley bottoms. 

Black won’t look good on pale skin if it’s too expansive and covering up too much body real estate.  Here though, she pulls off the look because only the top is black and its relatively skimpy.  What I like about this bikini is that the quirky style of this sexy red-head shows through.  She looks great but its not like she’s wearing an expensive swimsuit.

The natural throw together a look and hit the beach running can be endearing.  If you are naturally beautiful, it just goes to show you that you can take a couple of old swimsuits out of the drawer and throw them together.  You can look great on any budget even one that includes recycling old swimsuits into different looks.  She’s also showing off her heart tattoo with her lighter color bottoms that draw attention.  If you are confident enough to get a tattoo you should be confident enough to show it off and that is exactly what she is doing.

Draw focus away from freckles

This girl has quite a lot of freckles and I think its actually cute that she’s drawing attention away from the freckled chest and arms and down into the creamy white portion of her skin.  Her pure white tummy looks awesome in this.  Everything sort-of zings with this look.  The red hair zings, the black contrast on fair skin triangle top zings, and the paisley bottoms zing.  Put it all together and her freckles are hardly noticeable.

Personal style is whats in style

For summer 2013, I think personal style is whats in style.  Mix and match is as popular as ever.  Girls are doing their own thing and making a statement with their swimwear that original and march to the beat of their own drum.  I love it.  Gone are the pure Hawaiian print swimsuits.  Everything is different and sporting an edge.  This adorable red-head knows how to make herself look truly eye-fetching.  

Mix and match bikini

The great thing about mix and match swimsuits is you don’t have to shop for swimwear.  Just go to your closet and pick out an old favorite bikini top.  Put it together with an old favorite bikini bottom. Voila you’re ready to hit the beach for some fun in the sun.  Oh yes anddon’t forget the sunscreen as fair skin burns skin to red rather than tans it.  Kudos to the photographer this picture is adorable.

Bikinis for pale skin

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