This girl rocks the fashion look by having a fierce sense of individual style. With her feminine bikini top and belted bottom, she creates her own look. She might throw two things together and she pulls it off because she is self-confident!

Confident in a bikini

This girl shows an essential fashion fact. If you have superior confidence in yourself you can rock any look you want. She is a beautiful exotic looking girl with her own mind, and her own fierce sense of style. She has tattoos, contrasted with a feminine bikini, and the hipster belt still rocks her confidence and looks sultry, sexy and hot. She looks different. She looks confident.  She looks like no one else and that makes her stand out.

Mix and match top and bottom with solid dark color bottom slenderizes

With an athletic body like hers she actually has a flattering style choice going on by mixing the hipster belted bottoms with the simple feminine triangle top. This makes the tattoos she has be toned down a bit and less tacky. Belted, plain color bikini bottoms are extremely slenderizing especially when paired with an eye fetching top (or in her case the interesting shoulder tattoo work) that draws the eyes upward. It gives her a free body lift.

A bikini looks incredible when you exude confidence wearing it

He tattoo work is obviously unique. While not a personal fan of tattoos, I am a fan of a gorgeous woman who can wear her tattoos with confidence. She is proof positive you don’t have to wear a designer swimsuit or even an expensive swimsuit to look amazing. She pulls off her look by exuding both confidence and intrigue appeal. Any man looking at her – would definitely take notice.

Unique personal style is sexy and makes a girl look fierce in a swimsuit

Being different, unique and most importantly being confident about who she is, makes this bikini girl riveting. The photographer caught a hot look here. Her necklace and casual bracelets also signal that she is her own person. Remember, confidence is key. If you exude confidence, you can rock any swimsuit or bikini in the world. What I like about this is that the woman stands out her, not the swimsuit.  A truly inspiring hipster look!

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