Mix and match bikinis became the rage a few summers ago and have yet to fall out of style. One of the reasons mix and match works so well is that you can choose from a variety of swimsuit styles and different materials to find the perfect fitting bikini top and the perfect fitting bikini bottom.

Many women have literally two bodies when it comes to the top and the bottom. So the likelihood of finding a swimsuit with one perfect fit is rare.  You might be a petite woman with a large bust, or a flat busted woman with a pear shaped bottom. Whether you are shaped like a pear, an apple or anything else there is always a big difference between your figure when it comes to top and bottom.  You must have tried on swimsuits before where you loved the top but the bottom not so much, or vice verse.

Perfect fit top and perfect fit bottom makes mix and match bikinis fit and flatter your body perfectly

With two different bikinis you can find a wonderful bikini top and get rid of the bottoms, then finda suit with a wonderful bikini bottom and get rid of the top if you don’t like it. The odds are that you will be able to explore a variety of different cuts for the top and bottom this way. You might look great in a low-rise bottom but need a sports style or French cut top. You might like a bandeau top or under-wire top on a swimsuit where the bottoms are not flattering because they are too skimpy.  The great thing about mix and match is you can find the perfect top and perfect bottom that flatters your figure and gives you the exact coverage (or exposure) you want.

Color combinations can work in your favor with mix and match separates

By pairing a different bikini top and bikini bottom you can also create an optical illusion to play up or down the part of your body you desire. For example, if you have a big bottom you want to downplay you can choose a solid bottom to slenderize.   Then you can furthermore draw attention upward away from the bottom and towards the chest with a retro or modern design printed bikini top.

Likewise, if you have a nice bottom and are flat chested, you can have a darker top and choose a bright color bottom. Thats what supermodel Camila Alves did in this sexy beach bikini. The red just sets off the bottom part of her body and it creates a wonderful contrast with her beautiful olive skin. This mix and match black bikini top and red bikini bottom is a perfect win win.

Just remember, with mix and match you’re investing more money by purchasing two swimsuits. But you get the perfect top and perfect bottom for your particular figure and that’s priceless! Make sure to try this optical illusion figure flattering trick with your mix and match – Always choose the brighter standout color or pattern for the part of your figure you want to show off, and choose or more muted or solid color for the part of your figure you want to downplay.

Mix and match bikini

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