Sophisticated swimsuits can look fabulous on the right woman.  What’s attractive about these type of swimsuits is that it takes a certain type of woman to be confident enough to wear them.  You have to own it.  You have to be perfectly willing to go above and beyond and over the top and wear a swimsuit with plunging cleavage or jeweled accents.  The woman who can do this and stay confident reigns supreme.  Many men are attracted to the high fashion look because it’s not the norm.  You likely wouldn’t see this if you walked down to the beach.  It’s different.  It’s extremely racy and female.  So if you pick a suit like this you need to own it.

With chic fashion sensibilities you can look sensational in  fancy swimsuit.  Do you recall this black swimsuit that Paris Hilton wore for Carl’s Jr with the plunging neckline?   She was swimsuit-clad while washing a car and eating the burger.   There’s a place for the girl next door in a simple bikini, yet there is also a place for the over the top celebrity provocatively posing in a luxurious one piece.   The ad is already years old yet the photo of this suit remains timeless.  In the right venue you can attract a lot of attention looking like the ritzy millionaire.  What does it take to pull it off?  Well some will love it and some will think it’s too racy. You’ll need nerves of steel and plenty of confidence to own it.

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