Some bikinis look ordinary and some bikinis look extraordinary like this bikini by Verde Veronica.  Found this wonderful bikini on UK Swimwear.  Remember when you shop for that bikini or swimsuit you want to find the one swimsuit that really looks incredible.  This is a bandeau style suit with a halter neck style by Verde Veronica.  The central neck tie threads though a square decorative adornment on the top.  You can untie the neck tie for the person tan experience and fold the adornment down.

The cups on this suit have pads that can be removed and the neck strap and back strap are adjustable.  The best thing about this swimsuit is the spectacular green sequins on the top with the completely unique design.  Combined with the pale gold background the look is striking and will make you stand out from the crowd.  It just proves that some bathing suits are a cut above.  You want to find that suit that make you look amazing.  Remember that the average woman should try on 40 swim suits before buying one. If you haven’t tried on 40 suits you probably don’t know what swimwear colors and styles look the best on your figure type.  To find the perfect suit with the perfect fit, style and pattern takes a little effort but it is worth it!

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  1. I love high-waisted swimsuits. I think they are so cute!The rsepect for your mom’s neighbors is really sweet, but I think they’ll understand that your pregnant! When I was preggers the first time around, I bought a bikini that was a size up from my regular size (I was 7 months and my boobs were huge!). I gloriously flaunted my belly off to all the beach-goers, without regret. I think you should just stay with your regular bikini and NO tank top – you’ll love the pictures you’ll get showing off your belly.Plus, it’s the one time in life that wearing a bikini with a protruding belly is socially acceptable.

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