Every woman, regardless of her body shape struggles to find that perfect swimsuit for her particular body.  Women tend to envy the girls with the slender straight figures, thinking that everything looks good on a trim body like that.  But they really shouldn’t be envious of that type of figure because this type of body has it’s own challenges just like any other figure. 

The most common challenge is the lack of feminine curves.  Smaller flat breasts and a flat shapeless bottom can make  a girl feel like she isen’t sexy enough.  This is the girl who wants her swimsuit to make her look more shapely not less.  If you have a boyish, slender frame that lacks voluptuous curves a perfect bikini for you to try out is the classic string bikini.  The classic string bikini is a timeless look that never goes out of style, much like the little black dress.  The string ties on the classic string triangle top and at the sides of the classic string bikini bottom will add the illusion of more meat on your bones.  

String bikinis are very unforgiving but if you have a slender body then it’s the suit that can really play that up and give the illusion of more body shape.  Try a classic plain vibrant color bikini such as white, black, red, or yellow.   If you aren’t built with a natural string bikini body though, never fear.  You should be aware that men get turned on by healthy, fit and voluptuous women.  It’s actually nice to have a good waist to hip ratio and a little bit of healthy curves. 

A woman’s waist to hip ratio has long been touted as a measure of her physical appeal to men.  That means if you are slender you take advantage of this fact and try the string tie sides along with a bit of bra padding in the bikini top to make hips look wider, chest look fuller, and the body more curvy.  You’re using the swimsuit to create an illusion of more curves.  String ties and miracle tops can help do that.

If you’re overweight it means you look for swimsuits that are quite the opposite of the classic string tie bikini.  Instead, you go for bathing suits that conceal and bring in the waist with slimming fabric, darker colors, and vertical patterns. 

Every woman has certain figure flaws that they are concerned about and slender figured ladies are no different.  A slender bodied woman is going to try and find a suit that accentuates her buttock and breasts to look more feminine, whereas a heavier woman is going to try and search for a swimsuit that downplays the excess bulge she has in undesirable areas. 

Before getting jealous of the quintessential Ipanema girl just realize that every woman has to try on dozens of bikinis in order to find the style, colors and patterns that flatter her the most.  The best thing you can do to get ready for summer and maximize your innate attractiveness to men, is to be healthy.   Take care of yourself and maintain a healthy balance of muscle and fat.  Don’t worry about the string bikini girls and instead adopt sound eating habits and an active lifestyle.  Being healthy and shapely reigns supreme.

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