I love Speedo USA.  There is something to be said about this tried and true swimwear manufacturer.  When you wear a one piece bathing suit from Speedo it says cool, athletic and hip.  They are timeless and literally never go out of style.

Sexy when sporty

The one thing that makes these swimsuits so appealing is that if you are attractive, you look super sporty and hot in them.  It’s one thing to wear a revealing bikini but another to be confident and wear an athletic swimming suit.  It’s a confident statement that sleek comfort is in with you not skin, skin, skin.

When it comes to women’s active swimwear for performance swim and aquatics, I have to say that this gorgeous photograph takes the cake.  Sadly I do not have the reference for this specific photograph and model, but suffice it to say it’s the most gorgeous girl in a Speedo bathing suit that I have some across.

Performance swim

This swimsuit has the classic Speedo look to it, with it’s deep gorgeous hue and piping and stripe detail.  If you checkout the available styles on Speedo USA’s online swimwear shopping web site you will find plenty of similar models to this one.  Always look for the swoop piping detail.  Look how this detail crosses the top, goes across the breast to make it look bigger, then cuts back into the waist to make it look smaller then it goes back out at the hip to make the hips look sexy.  That detail is there for a reason because it really slenderizes.  It outlines an hourglass shape of the body.  Because the swimsuit still covers, you get the sex appeal with the swoop accent without having to sacrifice fit or body coverage.

Look for the Quantum Splice Super Pro Back, Mercury Spliced Drop Back Speedo Endurance,  Sonic Splice Y-Back Speedo Endurance, and others.  These swimsuits also feature the classic one color look with racer stripe detailing.  I love that look it’s the real deal and the original Speedo signature look. This girls body is drop dead gorgeous and the classic Speedo style makes her look just incredible.

Classic Speedo

Speedo has more multi-color bathing suits that are nice but I am not in love with those types nearly as much as the classics.  A dazzling deep solid color with cool racer stripes similar to this suit is what you can try for.  The brilliant color is eye-catchig, the one piece of all one color is slenderizing, and the durable Lycra fabric works the body like a girdle.  All said if you want to look sporty and sleek, try Speedo.  Speedo USA knows what it’s doing and they’ve been doing it successfully for a long time.  Try a swimsuit like this for swimming laps at the gym.  You’ll look fantastic and you won’t ever have to worry about falling out of it.


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