This yellow swimsuit shows a very important swimsuit secret.  The secret is that you should always look for that one special feature of a swimsuit that sets it apart from all of the others.  That feature is going to make you stand out from the crowd.   In this case it’s the black zipper down.

What makes a swimsuit hot is a special accent

The swimsuit you select does not have to be skimpy.  This is more about finding a great fit coupled with a unique swimsuit that has one special accent be it a zipper, string tie, cool fabric, or brass accent.  The special feature is going to be the eye popper.  With the golden swimsuit photo depicted here, the eye popper is the black front zipper down.  Note that the zipper needn’t be unzipped.  It is just the fact that this sexy zipper is part of the suit. 

Sex black zipper gives a wetsuit hot look

This zipper in front on this one  piece is undeniably hot!  It gives this swimsuit the look of a wetsuit or surfwear.  Notice that a swimsuit like this can be worn even if you are a larger sized women.  It’s not a bikini and has good coverage, strong shoulder straps and a nice line around the thighs that covers.  But it does have the sexy standout black zipper and the front V-neck shows her cleavage to its best advantage.  You want to find a swimsuit that flatters your figure and has a super cool feature like the zipper on this one.  She looks so great in the swimsuit!

Zipper front one piece golden yellow swimsuit

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