This Gabriel4u elegant lady love best super classic U shape bra bikini swimsuit rocks the totally hot! What I love about this swimsuit is that it is utterly unique.

Make a mans jaw drop with this U shaped bra bikini

Seduce those men on the beach with a jaw dropping unique bikini style. Shop hard and you can find these types of swimsuits and bikinis in out of the way places, on sales racks, in specialty boutiques, and through searching online swimwear stores. This one I found on sold by Grabriel4u. What makes this bikini seductive is that nobody has seen it before. The style is unique, the print is unique, the details are unique, and most importantly its sexy as all get-out.

Shop for boutique bikinis that look like no other

If you want to be a standout you can shop for bikinis and swimsuits that literally look like no other. You would never see this bikini in the local department store. It is off the charts different and that makes you look sexy! This particular mono-bikini is obviously for a girl with a great figure but the same trick applies to any size from teeny weenie to plus size. It’s the fact that this swimsuit looks like no other swimsuit. Originality is the name of the game here.

Look for a boutique bikini that is original.  A truely original swimsuit or bikini will have either a pretty print fabric, or a different twist on style such as this one which is a monokini that looks like a bikini but has the plunging U front that you see in one piece swimsuits. Look for unique details such as the wood beads on this particular swimsuit.   And look for unique styles. If nobody has seen this bikini before and it also flatters your figure you will definitely stand out in the crowd!

Find unique selections, designers and stores such as etsy and ali express, even ebay

To find bikinis like this one try unique online stores like ebay, etsy where designers sell one of a kind swimwear, aliexpress and others. Popular buyers do the footwork for you and they pick out all the best original styles then resell them. Gabriel3u elegant lady is a perfect example of a highly rated seller on aliexpress that hand picks the hottest swimsuit styles for you.

Sexy and unique swimwear

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