Are you looking for a sexy coverup?  I love the idea shown here by this pretty lady.  She is wearing a kimono and it doubles as her swimsuit coverup.  I love this.  This is perfect for a plus size woman who feels huge in her bikini.  It’s the perfect slim down accessory. 

Sheer feminine kimono

What separates this look from the moo-moo of yesteryear is that the fabric is lightweight and sheer, but still gives the visual slim down effect and covers a larger woman’s body perfectly!  She does not look like she is trying to hide everything but rather just looks soft and adorable.

You can find kimonos anywhere including online and also at various vintage stores.  Another piece that works just as well is a silky short robe that is actually lingerie. If you get a lingerie open robe in a soft light weight material it will work similar to the kimono.

This particular sheer kimono cover up has the sash tie so it can be worn open in front or tied. It also as you notice has draped sleeves which can conceal large arms and/or a hefty upper body and shoulder area.  I just love this look and it really can make a larger, boxy or plus size figure look more feminine and voluptuous. 

This particular swimsuit coverup was listing on Overstock.  If you search for kimonos you should be able to find some cute coverup options such as this kimono shown here.

Kimono coverup

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