Ladies it is well into January and by now perhaps your New Years Resolution to workout, diet, and tone-up is ancient history.  Never fear because spring is coming soon! 

This is the perfect time that is early in the year to consider working out, losing fat and toning up.  You still have plenty of time to change your life before summer.  What would motivate you more than this handsome hunk right here?  Below are a few tips for cleaning up your diet so that you can lose weight gradually and in a healthy and wholesome manner for this summer.

Bikini body diet

Rather than going on a fad diet to drop weight in 4 weeks or less, consider less severe options such as simply improving your eating habits to include healthier choices.  If you want to lose ten pounds before summer it is certainly possible without putting yourself through some crazy fast or fad diet that lasts a month.

Instead of following the diet fads, simply incorporate healthier choices into the diet and weed the poor food choices out.  All this means is to add more fruits and vegetables to the diet.  Consider making homemade smoothies with fresh fruit and low sugar juice.  Add more vegetables by making stir fry’s, steaming, juicing, and keeping veggie snacks in the fridge.

Now for what to cut back on.  Cut back on the processed sugars, carb loaded junk food, fried foods, and fatty meats.  You would be amazed how easy it is to lose weight if you reduce the junk food.  If your weak spot is sugar you can try to track the sugar grams you are consuming or simply throw candy and sweets out of your diet this spring.  If it’s carbs you love, consider switching over from white breads to whole grain as this will help you cut back.  And finally, quit the fried foods including carb laden french fries and deep-fried stuff.

Once you start eating clean you will be amazed how much better you feel about yourself. Get on track and then consider adding moderate exercise such as walking. Get your body moving gradually. Then add toning exercises such as working out using the nautilus gym equipment at the gym, which will tighten up body, reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your body a smooth toned look. Trust me you are going to be happy you put the work in the second you see this sight for sore eyes. Love this accessory lol!

Bikini body diet



The stormy shade of gray is flattering for all body types and a great alternative to the typical black swimsuit.  The black swimsuit is a comfort zone, but when you have a plus sized body and you wear an all black swimsuit without much skin showing, the look can be more like whale than anything else.  Black can be too much black, and it requires some skin to show to break up the harsh color.

Gray swimsuits

Gray on the other hand, is a little softer and easier on the eyes.  This is good news for the plus size woman as it creates a sleeker slimmer look.  You have so many options with black from light silver-gray to slate or pewter and charcoal gray.  Check out the different shades and see what flatters your skin tone and body the best. 

This swimsuit shows that breaking away from the classic black swimsuit can be a good thing.  I found this swimsuit on Zilily.  Zulily features boutique finds and has adorable maternity swimsuits for women.  You can find great savings and new items every day featured on the Zulily website. 

This gray swimsuit is sweet.  It is by Pez D’or called the black Maldivas maternity one-piece.  PezDor has been putting out premium maternity swimwear for years and their brand is featured on many swimsuit online stores.  Your baby bump will be well concealed here with this darker gray color and sweet bow to distract eye attention up.

Gray flatters a pear-shaped body

If you are bigger on the bottom and smaller on the top this figure concern is coined pear shape.  A gray swimsuit such as the one shown here can be very flattering on a pear-shaped body.  To balance out larger hips and bottoms look for wide-set straps and jeweled detail at the center of the suit that accent the chest.  This draws the eyes attention away from the lower body and upwards towards the check area which gives you a surgery free body-lift effect.

Gray swimsuit is the new black swimsuit



I love this Maaji port breeze kimono coverup!  Look slender and in style this coming swimsuit season with this dazzling Maaji coverup.  This coverup is featured in their new swimsuit collection for 2014 called Chimeric Wayfarer.  This collection is fantastic and no surprise because Maaji always has the best!

Kimono coverup

This Maaji port breeze kimono cover-up is the perfect accessory for wearing over your bikini or one piece swimsuit.  Wear at the beach or pool side, or in the early eventing to the jacuzzi.  When you get up and walk across the pool or beach area for refreshments you will feel sexy and comfortable with this coverup thrown over your swimsuit.  You won’t have to feel like you are on the walk of shame with everything showing.

The breeze fabric is sheer, feminine and sexy.  You will stay cool as it is a lightweight mesh.  It has an electric sweetheart waist and of course the fun and frolic mix of prints that is signature Maaji.  It has a contrast print and tie at the waist.

Round out a flat bottom

This coverup illustrates a nice trick for the woman who has a flat looking bottom.  The tie at the waist and flirty skirt fabric gives the rear end a rounding effect.  Some older women are slender but they aren’t as round, bouncy and filled out as their younger counterparts.  For a flat bottom or some loose skin a coverup like this is perfect.  The little mini skirt effect in back coupled with the tie at the waist gives shape and bounce to your bottom. 

This coverup can work equally well for the slender or plus size women. It’s a definite win for any figure type.  Love Maaji! This coverup can be purchased at Sundance Beach swimwear store online and is also available at other stores that carry Maaji such as Butter Flies and Bikinis, Kayokoko Swimwear, Swimwear World, Jewel be Mine, Bikinis Online and more.


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